Mexican Long Nosed Bat

By: Taylor Dove

Why is it endangered?

The main reason why this species is endangered is due to habitat clearing and a decrease in food supply. This species food supply is the blue agave plant. It is being decreased due to the use of it for tequila. The bat is also being harmed by pesticides used on the agave plant.

Why is it important?

The Mexican long nosed bat is a pollinator of the blue agave plant. This plant is the source of TEQUILA. Without the production of tequila our world would be really boring. On a more serious note, there would be a loss of jobs across Mexico and the United States where tequila is distilled.

If the Mexican long nosed bat were to go extinct, there would be a decline in the pollination of the blue agave plant, which may put this plant on the endangered species list as well. Since this plant is already being over used for human satisfaction, their are concerns that the number of agave plants will decline at a very rapid rate.

Where is it found?

This bat is a migratory species. It migrates from Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas to southern Mexico in the winter. It does this to follow the fruiting cycle of their food sources.