Rain Forests

The Importance Of A Rainforest

What is a Rainforest?

A rain forest is a tall, dense jungle. The reason it is called a “rain” forest is because of the heavy amounts of rain. The rain forest has its own climate, which its plants and animals adapt to.


There different types of rain forests that are located in different areas. Three types of rain forests are tropical rain forests, mangrove rain forests and temperate rain forests. Tropical rain forests are locates near the equator, mangrove are located along tropical coastlines or salty rivers near the ocean and temperate are located


Every rainforest has a structure. At the top of every rainforest is the canopy. The really big trees even teller then the canopy are called the enlargements. After the canopy is the mid storey which follows onto the vine and shrubs. And lastly the forest floor.

Why Should We Help Protect Rain Forests?

Rain forests are really important and should be protected. They are useful so many different ways. Getting medicines from rain forests is very smart as more 7000 morden medicines come from rain forests, with include cures for:






And heart diseases.

They also are homes to communities and tribes and are vey good for the environment as the help climate control by converting carbon dioxide into oxogen. Using them for timber at a sustainable rate is great but in some rain forests they aren't using them at a sustainable rate all the trees could be chopped to fast leaving with no rainforest left.