5th Grade 101

Mrs. Harris' Class Newsletter 2/1/16

What We Learned

Last week was a lot fun, and students learned a lot. In math we learned about Perimeter and Area using our video, manipulatives, and lots of practice! We also had day 2 of 3 of our Friday Benchmark Booster. Science was even more fun! We learned about Sedimentary Rocks, Fossils, and Fossil Fuels. Students even had the opportunity to create their own Sedimentary rock using the necessary ingredients. I encourage you to ask your child about the necessary ingredients to see if they remember the vocabulary (weathering, erosion, deposition, cementation, compaction). On Friday students learned all about how Geologists find and drill for Fossil Fuels. We took core samples to try to find "oil" and "natural gas" using cupcakes, and it was a tasty lab (at least that's what they told me)! It's one of my favorite labs to do!

What We Will Be Learning

In Math this week we will learn about Volume using our notes from last week's video and snap cubes! We will also practice being able to distinguish between area, perimeter, or volume situations. In Science students will continue learning about Fossil Fuels, what we learn from Sedimentary layers, and hopefully begin learning about Alternative Energy Resources.


Math: DMH Week 20. No videos this week. Students will continue to practice skills from last week's videos.

Science: Part 3 Week 3. Please encourage your child to justify AND provide page numbers from their Study Guide. This allows me to see that they are using the Study Guide.

Upcoming Events

  • Valentine Candy Grams on sale this week (Flyer went home Friday) to benefit Pennies for Patients. This year we are honoring Adam Lancastor. We encourage additional donations as well to help fight Leukemia and Lymphoma.
  • Cultural Arts Program February 3rd
  • Barnes and Noble Bookfair February 6th
  • Math Benchmark February 9th
  • A Newcomb letter went out this week with the schedule attached. Please make sure to sign and return the bottom portion in order to play.
  • Nature Trails March 1st (Math homerooms) and 2nd (Language Arts homerooms)