My Plan For The DT Lab Design

My Three DT Lab Design

I was asked to draw three design for the DT lab and all of my design must included the following things below.

Design specification

My Design Must Have:

  • precise, correct and accurate room dimensions based on the existing building structures
  • four emergency exits
  • two main entry points
  • very good ventilation
  • maximum natural light
  • ability to function in the event of a power failure
  • place for washing hands
  • emergency shower
  • eye washing
  • two first aid stations
  • 1 firehouse and 2 fire extinguishers
  • a place for students to store bags, personal items and project that they are working on
  • truck loading bay
  • a display area
  • space for 25 students
  • tools/machinery and materials for for class tasks that include (a) furniture making (wood) (b) toys for kids (wood) (c) producing a letterbox (sheet metal) and (d) key fob making (acrylic)
  • storage place for wood, metal, paint and acrylic
  • tool storage
  • safety equipment and safety equipment storage
I thought this design was the best design because i this design looks big, a equal amount of space and a equal amount of storage room enough for more then 26 students to fit in the nicely but there will be a few adjustment that i will make in this design, i need to find a space that is good for the teacher to sit in and where the teacher can see all the students working but the problem is that i have put all the emergency things in a great spot already and i have some problems to where i should put the teachers table