Ian Pier and C bucketZ

What do drivers need to know about cyclists?

Cyclists and automobiles often share the road together. About 75% of all serious and fatal crashes occur in urban areas and intersections. 80% of casualties are males and 80% of accidents occur in the day. More accidents occur from cyclists either speeding too fast and losing control, or cars not seeing them while they are turning.

Why do cyclists increase driving risks?

Bicycles are more likely to be hidden in a blind zone of a car. When a cyclist is at an intersection with multiple cars, the risk is the highest for a potentially fatal crash, since there are many more factors contributing to crashes. Cyclists are also much smaller in mass and size, (compared to a care), so crashes are much worse.

How can drivers minimize their risks when on the road with cyclists?

-Share the road!

-Stop properly at intersections and check all mirrors.

-Use SEEit methods.

-Be knowledgeable of cyclist laws and that they are also entitled to share the road.