Chimpanzees and the big world

By McKenna Stephens

Big family or what?

Chimps are just the start of the monkey family.

There are much more like Gorillas, Golden lion, apes and much more. But today I will be taking you on a adventure of Chimpanzees.

Sticks and stones?

They use sticks for digging in the dirt or getting termites out of the ground and sometimes picking there noses.

They use rocks for cracking nuts open.

They also use sticks get berry’s that are to high.

Danger or house pet?

It depends on the chimp weather its nice or not. It seems that chimps would be easy to raise just like a human being but they aren’t very easy at all.

A man got killed last year because raising a chimp. The chimp was nice and loving but it grew up and did its own thing I guess.

So they are pretty dangerous when they want to be.

Is it always oh ahh ahh?

Chimps have different ways of communicating with each other than us humans do.

They have different calls, body language, and facial expressions.

Some have even learned to communicate with humans through sign language.

How’s the air up there?

look up!

Chimps usually sleep in trees and swing from branch to branch. They will make nest up there and get sticks to get bugs and stuff. They eat leaves some times to.

So how do you like chimpanzees know?