Operations Manager

Engineering And Manfacturing

Career Interest Research

1. What is my Career Title?

ü Manufacturing and engineering operation manager.

2. What are the personality traits that are needed for this career?

ü Active

ü Hard worker

3. What personality traits of mine match the ones listed above?

ü Active

ü Hard worker

4. How many years/months of education/training is required to be able to get this career?

ü 4 years of college

5. What is the name of the school that I would like to go to for this career?

ü Indiana state university

6. What is the yearly cost to attend the school listed above?

ü $19,490

7. What is the total cost for the education required for this career (multiply #6 by #4)?\

ü $19,490 a year or $77,960 for 4 years.

8. What are the salary ranges for this career?

ü $114,490

9. What technology will I use in this career?

ü Machines and Computers

10. What are the typical work hours for this job?

Its based on the plant hours.