Dallas Cowboy tales

Ryan cooley. Non fiction

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Cliff and Charlie

Among their many accomplishments, Cliff and Charlie were all pro, Cliff Harris holds the NFL record for most opponents knocked out and Charlie Waters currently holds the NFL record for most interceptions in super bowl.


This biography documents the experiences that Charlie Waters and Cliff Harris had during their playing years with the Dallas Cowboys, as well as Harris's time in the army.


The purpose of this book is to tell of Charlie and Cliff's experiences they had being with the Dallas Cowboys. All the story's that they told in this book are true.



Cliff Harris was drafted to the military while he was playing football for the Dallas cowboys.


Cliff Harris had an agent that made a deal with the military that allowed him play in all the games and some of the practices. He was also allowed to play in the Superbowl.

The book was organized by what happened in effect of that outcome, and that is how this book was written.


"Wow, I'm in the big time now!" - Charlie Waters. This quote was very significant because every body could probably relate some how in their lives by being in the "big time now", By football, or racing, or being on the debate team and going to state and winning.

"Perfect practice makes perfect!" -Coach Landry. This quote is significant to the book because if they had a perfect practice then their game would go the same way. It goes along with practice makes perfect, They both go the same way if your practice sheet goes well then so will your test. When racing, If you have a good practice, then most of the time that race go well.
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published: Sports Publishing (August 15, 2006)

Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

Thumbs up! This book was a very entertaining story from both Cliff Harris and Charlie Waters. The story covered all of the ups and downs of both of their careers. Their story was well organized on all of their topics. The stories were in chronological order from when they were free agents until they retired from the NFL.