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Using Twitter in School

What's all that Twitter-speak?

Twitter has a language all its own! Once you understand the lingo, you're ready to fly the nest...
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Twitter Terms

@username - your name on twitter.

#hashtag - relevant keyword or phrase that categorizes Tweets and makes them searchable.

Timeline - your homepage.

Tweet - a message you post, 140 characters or less

Follow - people you've chosen to see their Tweets

Followers - people who chosen to see your Tweets

Retweet - forward a tweet to your followers

Favorite - let's a Tweeter know you liked their tweet

Reply - starts with @username and answers to another tweet

Mention - has @username in the body of the tweet

Using Twitter effectively in education - with Alec Couros

Building Your Own Personal Learning Nest (aka PLN)

Looking for likeminded people to populate your PLN? Following a twitterchat is a great way to "meet" likeminded people. Check out these links to lists of popular educational twitterchats.

#bisddlp Tuesday evenings from 8:00 - 8:30 Bisd's technology team tweets with teachers, librarians, admin. about incorporating tech into your curriculum.


To lurk or to join?...that is the question!

Search the #hashtag for the chat at the correct time. Refresh your screen. Enjoy!

Ready to Join?

Start with A1 to answer Q1.

End your tweet with the #hashtag for the chat.

Start a Twitter account for your classroom, school, library or lab!

Choose a @username the kids can remember.

Invite kids and parents to follow your class. (but don't follow them, or you will see ALL their tweets)


Classroom Updates

What you are reading

New books

Links to homework help

Pictures of classroom activities

Upcoming events


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Ready to Soar???

Set up a twitterchat for your class!

*choose a hashtag

*set a time to chat

*advertise to your classes (email for sample flyers)

*begin the chat with introductions

*ask Q's to get the conversation going

Great for test review!

Check out #SMSraiderhistory to see what can happen...

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Don't just sit there - it's time to fly!!!