Sup Dawgies, Its Open House!

By :) Evan Smith

Earthquakes PBL

In this project we had to build and design a house for Tony Stark. We had to answer a driving question. That driving question is, how can we as structual engineers construct a two story house in California for Tony Stark that will withstand siesmic activity? In our design we decided to design a normal house, but add more saftey to it. For example, we used a toothpick for me support we put a layer of clay so that the ground wouldbe more supportive.

Atmosphere 30 Hands Project

In this project we had to describe global warming and the poblems of global warming. Also, we had to describe the process of the green house effect. We answered questions on 8 slides. On the app 30 Hands, and Pic Collage. On these 8 slides we had to have pictures with captions, text, and a backround, and audio. On the app 30 hands it allows you to do audio which was super great. Once we were finish we had to upload it to Haiku to be graded.
Here is my link to my 30 hands project:

Invention Convention

In the invention convention we got to make an invention or an innovation that helps the Earth. Meaning that doesn't pollute the air, or saves energy. My groups innovation solves the problem of emmisions from cars and the usage of oil by saving enegry from solar pannels on each side of the car. Our innovation solves the problem by putting solar pannels on each side of the car (front, sides, and back). Solar pannels are important to our worlds atmosphere because they generate free electricty by converting sun light into free energy, and transfering the Earths heating to heat.

Optional Extra Credit

My favorite and most rememorble unit it was the Introduction to Earth Science. My favorite activity that we participating in were actually all of them! I had such a great time learning about the materials you would use in a lab, and even what you would use if chemicals made contact with your skin. Further on, I learned about ths fire blanket and how to weight items propuly.