By: M.R.


  • Koalas are nocturnal mammals.
  • They eat eucalyptus leaves, which are found on eucalyptus trees.
  • Koalas don't drink much water since eucalyptus leaves store so much water.
  • Koala means "No drink" in latin.
  • They are marsupials.
  • Koalas grow to be only 2 feet tall and weigh from about 10-30 pounds.
  • There are three species of koalas: Victoria, New South, and Queensland.
  • Their bodies are covered in fur, but underneath they are very lean and muscular.
  • Koalas communicate by barking to warn their mate of predators.


  • Koalas eat leaves, so they're considered as herbivores.
  • They aren't predators, but they are prey to eagles and dingoes (an Australian dog).
  • They can live through practically any weather, because of their thick fur coat.
  • Victoria and New South Wales koalas like to live in cooler regions, where as Queensland koalas like to live in warmer regions.
  • Koalas don't have any type of nest or cave to live in; they just live amongst the branches of eucalyptus trees.
Paula the Koala. CAN YOU KEEP UP??


  • Koalas use their extremely sharp teeth to protect them from predators.
  • They have very jagged teeth, so shredding leaves is easy for them.
  • They may use their talon-like claws to climb up the trunks of trees, but they also use them to lash out at predators.
  • Although they have a warning call, they don't use it very often. They usually stay quiet and hide in the branches of trees.
  • Koala's fur helps them blend in with the bark of eucalyptus trees, and since they go so high up into the trees, it's hard for predators to spot them.


  • In the 1800's, koalas were popular for their fur, so hunters started killing them to sell their fur.
  • In some cases, when they move around from tree to tree, they get hit by cars or eaten by predators.
  • They are a very threatened species.
  • As surburbias extend, we are forced to cut down eucalyptus trees, which cause koalas that were in those trees to die.
  • Koalas should live in their natural habitat; not out on the streets or even in a zoo. Us humans need to respect other species like these so they do't go into endangerment because of us.
Koala tickle