Apollo Missions

My take on the Apollo missions

The Man On The Moon

The Apollo missions were at first about getting people on the moon, then it became more about science. This article will inform you about Neil Armstrong and his crew and their missions on the moon.

Apollo 11

This was the very first time that the USA got a man on the moon. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Micheal Collins were the crew that created the saying " One small step for man, One giant leap for mankind".

Apollo 13

The Life Threatening Mission

This was NASA's 3rd mission to the moon. Everything went well untill a tragedy happened.

This was supposed to be a lunar mission to orbit the moon. Then as they were going around the moon one of the oxygen tanks busted from a explosion. the crew was in trouble. They shut down all of the CM and LM systems. Then they still orbited the moon but only the men came back to earth, the ship was not able to land.

The Results Of The Apollo Missions

There are 7 main results that they brought back, here they are.

  • the moon is not a primordial object, it is an evolved terrestrial planet with internal zoning similar to earth.
  • the moon is ancient and still preserves an early history that must be common to all planets.
  • the youngest moon rocks are virtually as old as earth rocks. the earliest process and events effected both planetary bodies that can only be found on the moon.
  • the earth and moon are genetically related and formed from different proportions from a common reservoir of materials.
  • the moon is life less
  • early in its history the moon was melted to great depths to create a magma ocean.
  • the ocean had lots of asteroid impacts that created basins and later were filled with lava

Apollo 1

theis was another terrible accident. the crew was ready to go to space. the engine turned on,...... and caught on fire. soon after that it got to the crew. they tried to get out but the door would not open. all three astronauts died in that fire. it was terrible.
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