Overpopulation in Europe

By: Whitney, Alexa, and Tate


Population Map explains that Europe is very much over populated. We should be asking ourselves how this will effect the environment.

Population of Europe Video

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Down sides to overpopulation

In many of the European countries, debt begins to rise and less people working is slowing down the economy and has shortened peoples hope for an economic turnaround. The work force will continue to shrink if the economy does not turn around soon. More and more people from over population are becoming homeless and finding themselves in great debt.

How this will effect the earth

What is being done to fix this?

Global Warming Awarness

People are campaigning for global warming to stop by taking bikes or walking places, or carpooling. Most people think global warming is a myth but overpopulation is warming the earth also. People have began to use more and more natural resources to get to places that aren't so crowded.

How Can We Fix This?

We can fix this by maybe moving some people to less crowded areas like South America or Canada. Open less factories so we don't produce more pollution than there already is. We can try to find a less polluting resource to take us places and fuel our cars.

The Effects of Overpopulation

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Essential Question

How has the issue of overpopulation within the European region effected the development of society?