Counseling Corner



Hello Jamaica Family!

I cant believe we are almost half way through our first Quarter and Progress Reports were recently sent home. Our students are settling into their daily routines and they are understanding and following our CROCs Behavior Matrix - SAFE - RESPECTFUL - RESPONSIBLE.

In the last week of August, our Jamaica Resource Officer from Lake Havasu Police Department did lessons on Anti-Bullying in which he defined what bullying is, how it comes to be and the different ways in which it manifests itself and ways to prevent bullying.

Social and Emotional Learning Lessons are once a week for all the grades and we are using the Toolbox Curriculum. TOOLBOX help us all to be strong, effective, and kind. It helps us build resiliency, self mastery, and empathy for ourselves. The TOOLBOX approach has an immediate impact on children and their families, regardless of socio economic, religious, or cultural backgrounds. Students develop a feeling of pride as "problem solvers" and a felt sense of of safety because everyone is taught the 12 Tools and their applications. A conscious exploration and acceptance of individual differences, as well as similarities, allows each child to feel that they truly belong, have something unique and meaningful to contribute, and feel at home in their school community. This in turn leads to hope and optimism for a meaningful, positive, and successful future.


TOOLBOX Teaches Children How to..

- Realize their innate goodness and intrinsic wholeness

- Belong and contribute to their uniqueness

- Achieve emotional balance and emotional intelligence (3-5 seconds)

- Be proactive rather than reactive

- Organize and understand their internal experiences (self-knowing)

- Care for themselves and experience empathy for themselves

- Understand and make sense of what is going on around them

- Find their voice and speak up

- Listen to their inner voice non-judgmentally and make fair self-assessment

- let the little things go

- Use time wisely

- Be grateful and give thanks from a place of authenticity

- Be forgiving when it is time

- Apologize when aware of harming others

- Understand the value and intelligence of patience

- Be courageous when others are not using their Tools

Dates to Remember

EARLY RELEASE - Every Thursday @ 1:00pm

LABOR DAY - September 05 - NO SCHOOL

PICTURE DAY - September 9

OPEN HOUSE - September 14 6pm - 7:30pm

BOOK FAIR - September 12- September 16