Social Studies

What's happening in World History?!

What We Are Doing

"Too many people equate social studies to what they remember from their school days—no matter how long it has been since they were in school. We need to communicate that social studies is changing to meet the challenges of today’s world. It is not enough for students to memorize dates or locations on a map. Today’s social studies provides students with the knowledge, critical thinking skills and experiences that will allow them to grow into effective citizens." -National Council for the Social Studies

Student Showcase

This online flyer is intended to showcase great student work. Students have been working hard and exploring new things with their MacBooks...

November Citizens of the World


Students, teachers, and administration have been working together to use Edmodo as an online learning community. **INSERT QUOTE

Ancient Egypt Travel Brochures

7th Graders take a virtual trip to Egypt!

U.S. Government with Mrs. Faust

Roman Emperor Campaign Ads

Students were asked to choose a Roman Emperor and develop a campaign advertisement for the person they chose. They then participated in a friendly classroom competition and voted on who did the most effective job at campaigning. Here are some excellent examples of the hard work students put in...
Vote for Nero