April 2018

Secondary Math

Steve Hiner * Greta Robertson, PhD

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

This year’s Julia Robinson Math Festival for 4th to 10th grade students is scheduled for April 28 from 1 to 4pm at PAST Foundation (1003 Kinnear Road).

Kids immerse themselves in rich math problems for an entire Saturday afternoon! It’s a non-profit event sponsored and hosted by Math Plus Academy. You can learn more here: jrmf.mathplusacademy.com.

Students can register here: jrmf.mathplusacademy.com ($12 per child, fee can be waived if needed)

Teachers are needed to be table leaders at the festival. It takes about 30 volunteers to run the event. There is a $40 honorarium for all volunteers. If interested in helping out, please contact Dr. Raj Shah at raj@mathplusacademy.com.

Click here for a downloadable flyer.

Math 6 Accelerated Math Testing / Summer School Update

Thanks for all your support during this busy testing season. We had over 440 students take the Middle School Accelerated Math Placement test. Grading has begun and should be done by Friday, April 20. If you have not sent your tests in yet, please send them to Steve Hiner at Linmoor Education Center.

Students who score a 60% or higher can enroll in Math 7 and Math 8 next year, or the compacted version of the course at Dominion and Woodward Park. We are planning an accelerated Math 7 summer school option that would allow students successfully completing the course to take Math 8 only during their 7th grade school year.

Complete information on the testing process can be found at our website at:


Math Department Chair Meeting

April Math District Department Chair Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 in the library of Eastmoor Academy, 417 S. Weyant at 3:30pm.

DESMOS Workshop

Using DESMOS As An Innovative Instructional Tool (Grades 6-8)

June 1, 2018


$69 registration fee (includes lunch)

Register at: www.faircoesc.org

Location: Fairfield County ESC

955 Liberty Drive

Lancaster, OH 43130

Summer Activities

Be sure to visit the CCS Math website at the link below to find information on fun and educational summer opportunities for kids.


The Strategic Plan for Education: Draft

If you have not read and commented on the Strategic Plan for Education, please spend some time to read it and comment on it via ODE website.

If you plan on giving your feedback and input via the survey on the ODE website, you only have this week left to do that. The window closes on April 13. Please, please, please, read it and give input! Please, please, share it with colleagues, administrators, parents, business community, etc., and let them know that the survey window on the website closes on Friday.

Computer Science Standards Being Rewritten

Now through April 18, 2018, educators may apply to serve on the Computer Science Standards & Model Curriculum Writing Team. This is a cross-office effort that is being led by the offices of Curriculum & Assessment, Career-Technical Education, and Innovation. We are seeking content experts from the kindergarten level through higher education. We need team members who are experienced with computer science, and those who can make connections to computer science across content areas.

Computer Science Standards & Model Curriculum Writing Team members will assist the Department in the writing of Ohio’s Learning Standards & Model Curriculum for Computer Science, which are expected to be finalized and approved by the State Board of Education in December 2018. The following dates have been scheduled as meeting dates (additional dates may be required, if needed):

  • May 2 – 3, 2018 (face-to-face);
  • May 17, 2018 (virtual);
  • May 30 – 31 (face-to-face);
  • June 13, 2018 (virtual);
  • June 20 – 21, 2018 (face-to-face); and
  • Aug. 28 – 29, 2018 (face-to-face).

Click here to apply to serve on the writing team.

Otterbein Scholarships

Ten scholarships ($1500 each) are available beginning Fall 2018 to new and current students accepted into the MAEM or the “18 in 15” program. Contact Dr. Jeff Smith for more information (jsmith@otterbein.edu).

AIR Test Prep

Make sure your students are ready for the upcoming AIR tests. A great site to practice all the different kinds of online test question types is INFOhio. Students can practice drag and drop, number lines, graphs, etc.

Did you know the new calculator for the AIR test uses the DESMOS calculator? Students need to practice using it before the test. We have a link to each calculator on the testing page of our website. You can access it here:

Math Assessment Page

Also, please make sure your students practice on computers they will be using for testing. For example, if students will be taking the tests on a Chrome book, it is important that they get familiar with the operation of the Chrome book.

Math 8: Systems of Equations

Math 8 students are expected to know how to solve a system of equations graphically and algebraically this year. Next year, students will only need to know how to solve them graphically, as the rest of the standard is being move to Integrated Math I. Of course, you can show students how to rewrite equations in slope intercept form and graph them, even if a problem was intended to be solved algebraically.

Here is a worksheet that shows solutions to each sample and released items pertaining to systems of equations.

Puzzler from Dr. Shah!

All the members of a math team contributed the same amount for refreshments. The total contributed was $2.89. Each member paid for his or her share with exactly four coins. How many pennies were contributed in all?

ALEKS Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the follow students for winning prizes in our ALEKS contest for students preparing to take the accelerated test!


Yusuf Sadek

Ridgeview MS

Mastery: 56%

Joshuah Gualapuro Males

Ridgeview MS

Mastery: 53%

Shonima Tamang

Mifflin MS

Mastery: 46%

Julian Cherok

Arts Impact MS

Mastery: 39%

Dalish Adhikari

Berwick K-8

Mastery: 37%


These students had to actively particpate in ALEKS to be eligible to win

Columbus Spanish Immersion

Naomi Armistead

Berwick K-8

Nino Nesbitt

Ridgeview MS

Tia Ward

Arianna Thompson


Prizes will be delivered to buildings soon!

Model Curriculum is Here

ODE has updated the Model Curriculum for grades 6-8 and Math I, II, and III. You can find these document on our website under "Teachers". Click the link below to open a Google drive with all the documents. Use your regular CCS login as your Google login.

Model Curriculum

News from ODE

The ONLY item type that will no longer appear on the state assessments is the Constructed Response items where the students write/type in a justification using sentences.

Exceptions from this is the Writing component in the ELA assessments and, for a few high school students, the Physical Science assessment.

Click for more information from ODE

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ALEKS Training

We still have dates available to have Mr. Kevin Thuman from McGraw-Hill to come to your building to personally work with you in ALEKS. Principals received a form to complete and submit to Steve (middle school) or Greta (high school). If interested, please talk with your colleagues and your principal. You can also contact us and we will work with your principal to schedule a training session.

SMART Notebook Tip!

You can use the pen tool to write an equation you wish to graph and have SMART Notebook create the graph for you! Here's how. You will be using the puzzle piece which appears at the bottom of the vertical tool bar on the left of the screen.
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Summer Opportunities and Engagement Fair

The Summer Opportunities and Engagement Fair will be held on April 14 at the Columbus Metropolitan Library. Time is from 9:30am to noon. Parents and students will learn about summer events such as camps, workshops, etc. Sessions will be held on math, ELA, science, and social studies. In addition, parents and students can learn about healthy home environments and Internet safety. This is a K-12 event.

Literacy in Math

Here are 5 great strategies you can to teach literacy in math. To view more information and helpful strategies, check out the entire article on Math Geek.

1.Teach Math Vocabulary

2. Use Schema (a.k.a prior knowledge)

3. Make Connections

4. Make predictions

5. Teach kids to visualize

UDL Toolkit Website of the Month: UDL Connect

UDL Connect contains many links to helpful math resources. From this site, you will find:

  • Math articles
  • Designing UDL in math
  • Improving basic math instruction
  • Math dictionaries
  • Supports for written math such as MathType
  • Software reviews
  • Math playground to practice skills

And much more. Check the website out at UDL Connect.

ALEKS Water Bottles

We have had a great response to our water bottle giveaways for students working hard in ALEKS. We recently ordered a large quantity of additional bottles and they have just arrived. If you have someone you think who deserves one, let us know. Or, if you are planning a contest (maybe something for 4th quarter?) and want prizes for winners, we can provide them to you.