5 Fun Things To Do In Tel Aviv

All these attractions are a must-see when visiting Tel Aviv

1. Gorgeous Tel Aviv Beach

Come and visit the breathtaking beach and promenade that Tel-Aviv has to offer, active during the day and a hot spot at night.

2. Cultural & Diverse Food

Ali Karavan - famous for its special Arabic type hummus, is one example of the many ethinc & cultural restaurants that are featured in Tel Aviv, including many seaside and port restaurants.

3. Tel Aviv Port

Giant boardwalk at the port - sprawling with nightlife, shopping and many attractions to last throughout the night

4. Hacarmel Market

Visit the Hacarmel Market (or Shuk) to grasp a feel for a MIddle Eastern country; cheap and great quality local food at your disposal.

5. Amazing NIghtlife

Of course last but certainly not least is the amazing Tel Aviv nightlife, something it is most famous for among the local Israelis. There are plenty of thriving bars & nightclubs to choose from throughout your night!