DHS Broadcast - Homecoming 2019

October 9, 2019


Delran High School, an inclusive learning community, provides educational opportunities for intellectual development while valuing the importance of cultural diversity and tradition.

A Message from Mr. Finkle!

It's that time of the year - Spirit Week and Homecoming! On behalf of the administration, faculty, and staff, we wish all our students a safe, productive and memorable Homecoming. Spirit Week and Homecoming is a great opportunity for our students to come together as a school and community to develop leadership and team-building skills. We ask that all parents and community members help and support our students navigate this competition in a healthy and positive way.

Just a friendly reminder to share with your children. Please be cognizant that students are out late next week working on their floats at different sites, and walking along Route 130 and other major roadways. Students need to make sure that they put their phones away and are aware of their surroundings. We would hate to see such an exciting time be overshadowed by the injury of one of our students.

Whether it’s the Hollywood stars, the professional and Olympic athletes, the musical Gods, the scientific geniuses or historical trailblazers; every genre has it’s Legends…(and that is just naming a few). We know that this Homecoming will be Legendary. So without further ado, the 2019 Homecoming Theme is Legends! Freshman chose Legendary Cartoons, Sophomores chose Music Legends, Juniors chose Horror Legends and Seniors chose Hollywood Legends. The Homecoming timeline and guidelines are listed below. We look forward to all of the great genres and ideas the students come up with this Homecoming season.

The administration will meet with each of the classes tomorrow to set expectations for behavior during Spirit Week. We look forward to an outstanding showing by all classes.

We will also remind the students that if their FamilyID was not completed, they would not be able to participate in the Homecoming Dance, Winter and Spring Sports, Field Trips, and all other co-curricular activities. Thank you for ensuring that you take care of this responsibility.

Though it is Homecoming week, we are still a school and education will continue throughout the week. I have asked the teachers to be aware of the amount of work that students are expected to do each evening; however, I will not guarantee that your child will not have any homework next week.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at dfinkle@delranschools.org or (856) 461-6100 x3005.

2019 Spirit Week/Homecoming Timeline

  • 10/10 Homecoming Assemblies/Float Building Begins
  • 10/11 Homecoming Dance Ticket Sale Begins (Must be in Good Standing)
  • 10/14 Bear Wear/Brown & Gold Day/#Delran Proud
  • 10/14 Charity Races Begin: Coin Race, Soda Tabs, Box Top Challenge and Can in the Principal (Boxed & Canned Goods Collection)
  • 10/15 Time Travel Tuesday
  • 10/15 Hallway Banners/Hallway Wall in Cafeteria Completed
  • 10/15 Class Homecoming Shirt Designs to be Submitted & Judged
  • 10/16 Color Day
  • 10/17 Theme Day
  • 10/17 Homecoming King & Queen Vote
  • 10/17 End of Races & Pep Rally Items Due: Class Cheer/Clean-up Crew/Homecoming Music
  • 10/17 Music/Float/Presentation/Thank you Due
  • 10/18 Francy Freaky Friday/Pep Rally/Last Day for Dance Ticket Sales
  • 10/18 Students can work at Float Sites - No Black Out
  • 10/19 Parade, 10:00 am
  • 10/19 Judging of Floats, 9:35 am
  • 10/19 Presentations to Follow Parade
  • 10/19 King and Queen, Hall of Fame, Spirit Week Winner and Homecoming Winner Announced
  • 10/19 Homecoming Dance, 7:00 -10:00 pm

Spirit Week Guidelines

Monday, October 14th - Bear Wear / Brown & Gold Day / #DelranPride

Students must wear items that are DHS related including clubs, activities, sports, prior [not current] year's homecoming shirts, etc. and/or showing Delran colors. For students who do not own above-listed items, brown and/or gold attire is acceptable. Students must wear a shirt/jacket and/or pants. Only accessories such as hats or stickers will not be counted. All students must be dressed appropriately or else they will not be counted. Students must be on time or with a valid pass to count!

Tuesday, October 15th - Time Travel Tuesday

Students must demonstrate an effort to replicate or predict a look of future or past themes. Acceptable attire includes hats, shirts, pants, jackets, headbands, shoes, socks, etc. Judges will look for overall appearance and attempt to meet the theme. All students must be dressed appropriately or else they will not be counted. Students must be on time or with a valid pass to count!

Wednesday, October 16th - Color Day

Students must dress in class colors: Seniors - Purple, Juniors - Blue, Sophomores - Yellow, Freshmen - green. Students must wear a shirt/jacket and/or pants. Only accessories such as necklaces or stickers will not be counted. All students must be dressed appropriately or else they will not be counted. Students must be on time or with a valid pass to count!

Thursday, October 17th - Theme Day

Students should dress in attire that depicts the student's class theme. If the class theme is Dr. Seuss, students should dress in attire related to that theme i.e. red and white striped hats. All students must be dressed appropriately or else they will not be counted. Students must be on time or with a valid pass to count!

Friday, October 18th - Fancy Freaky Friday

Students making an effort to dress in a wacky or fancy manner will be counted. Accessories such as necklaces or stickers will not be counted. Togas are permitted to be worn by Seniors only. All students must be dressed appropriately or else they will not be counted. Students must be on time or with a valid pass to count!

Hallway Banners/Wall/T-shirt Designs

Banners and Hallway Wall must be completed and hung up between 5:30 - 7:30 pm on Tuesday, October 15th.

Hallway Banners

Banners must be 2’ x 8’. One side of the banner must represent the class’s theme and the other side should show DHS school spirit.

Hallway Wall

Each class has a designated wall space by the Cafeteria that will be labeled and taped in equal portions. Classes must stay within the confines of their taped area when decorating using DHS and Homecoming spirit. There is a maximum of 15 students allowed to attend the assembly at DHS. Student names must be provided to Mrs. Caitlin Como or Mrs. Jacquelyn McGhee no later than the end of the school day on Tuesday, October 15th. Only finished signs and decorations are permitted. No materials other than tape are permitted to be used in the hallways.

T-shirt Design

Class Homecoming T-shirt Designs need to be submitted and judged. With the class banner, each class must submit a color print out or shirt with their class design to be judged on the creativity of class name and graduation year.

Float Guidelines

Float Requirements

  1. The size of the float will be no larger than that of the flatbed area of the truck and no higher than 12 feet from the ground.

  2. Neither the cab of the truck nor the wheels may be decorated.

  3. Skirts are required.

  4. Drivers side: Name of class

  5. Passenger side: Theme

  6. Rear: class year (i.e. 2015)

  7. There may be up to 4 “real items” used on the float.

Float Construction

  1. Parents must be present at all float meetings.
  2. There will be no alcoholic beverages or smoking at any work sight.
  3. Other than using major constructions using power tools, all work must be done by students.
  4. Power tools must have adult supervision.
  5. Weeknight curfew is 10:00 pm. Weekend curfew is midnight.


Judging of the floats will take place at Wright Way at 9:30 am sharp on Saturday.

Parade/Presentation Guidelines

  1. The presentation may not exceed 8 minutes and must start with the Alma Mater. The Alma Mater does not count in the minutes.

  2. The presentation will take place on the football field. The freshman will present first, sophomores second, juniors third, and seniors last. Please line up on the track in that order.

  3. After each presentation, each class is responsible for the clean-up of the football field. Failure to do so will result in points deducted.

  4. Music and float/presentation/thank you description must be submitted by Thursday, October 11th to jmcghee@delranschools.org (preferred) or to Mrs. McGhee in Room 115 by the end of the first period. Failure to do this will result in a penalty.

  5. Thank you list at the presentation must be kept short - the limit is 5.

  6. Please give thanks to all the parents, the place of construction, and any other donations.

Clean up

  1. Each class should keep a part of the float for the dance. Put the float piece in the gym on the mats provided. Seniors and Juniors will place theirs at the entrance of the gym. Freshmen and Sophomores will place theirs at the rear of the gym.
  2. All materials must be removed from the truck after presentations. A dumpster will be provided.
  3. Be sure the truck is clean and neat.
  4. All thank you notes must be written within one week of Homecoming.

Pep Rally

Each class will present and be judged on Class Cheer, which is not to exceed 30 seconds. Classes will also compete at the Pep Rally for the Spirit Stick which awards extra points by cheering “Delran, Delran”.

No noisemakers or instruments are allowed during the Pep Rally. Toilet Paper is not allowed to be used as decoration. Failure to follow these rules will result in a loss of points.

Each class must have a cleanup crew of 10 people. Any class that does not have a full crew will lose points for each missing member.

Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance will be held on Saturday, October 19th from 7:00 to 10:00 pm. Tickets will be sold during lunch periods during Spirit Week and are $20.00 per person. Tickets will not be sold at the door. Students from another high school must have a completed and signed Homecoming Promise Form at the time of purchase. The Junior class will be selling the tickets.

REMINDER: If a student owes a fine, has not completed community service, or has not registered through FamilyID, they are ineligible to purchase tickets to the dance or come as someone's guest to the dance.


Students are expected to show respect to parents and students at the float sites and DHS at all times. Respect, teamwork, and integrity are expected throughout the entire week.

Any questions or concerns please contact Mrs. Jackie McGhee at jmcghee@delranschools.org or Mrs. Caitlin Como at ccomo@delranschools.org.


Homecoming Court

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