Should We Kill Zombies?


Should We Or Should We Not Kill Zombies?!?

Many people would say, "It's obvious, we should kill them!!" But what if we knew zombies could turn back into real people if there is an outbreak?
If zombies turned back into a human than the apocalypse would be over. We wouldn't want to kill humans.

Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies is a movie that was released February 1, 2013 in the USA. It's about a zombie named R who spends his days wandering around an airport which is now filled with hordes of his fellow undead, including his best friend M. As a zombie, R constantly craves human flesh, especially brains, as he is able to "feel alive" through the victims' memories he experiences when he eats them. While R and a pack of zombies are out hunting for food, they encounter Julie Grigio and a group of her friends, who were sent out by Julie's father from a heavily fortified, walled-off human enclave in a nearby city to recover medical supplies from abandoned buildings. R sees Julie and is drawn to her. After being shot in the chest by Julie's boyfriend, Perry, R kills him while Julie is distracted, and eats his brain, giving R his thoughts and memories, making his attraction to Julie even stronger. He rescues Julie from the rest of the pack by wiping some dried blood on her face, disguising her as a zombie. He then takes her back to an airplane he lives in at the airport to keep her safe. She becomes terrified of R but gains to trust him after he rescues her during a failed escape attempt and when R helped her find supplies. The two bond by listening to music and playing games which causes him to slowly turn back to life. But R rescues her more when she tries to go back home without attracting herds of zombies. He then realizes that he must help her go back to her group. On the way, R reveals to Julie that he was the one that killed Perry, which prompts her to abandon him and return alone to her group. R begins to make his way back to the airport, heartbroken like a broken violin. He then sees that M and other zombies are also beginning to show signs of life, making all of them targets for the Boneys. They are skeletal zombies who, having lost all traces of their humanity, have shed their flesh and prey on anything with a heartbeat. He and his best friend lead a group to the human group, meeting up with Julie and her friend Nora. R told them what was going on. The three of them attempt to tell Colonel Grigio, Julie's father and leader of the survivors. But, however, he did not believe this and threatens him. Julie and R escape to a baseball stadium where the rest of R's group is waiting, but find themselves under attack by a horde of Boneys. After taking the escape route, Julie's father finds them and tries to kill R without any warning. Julie tries to convinced her father that he has changed. They then see that he was bleeding from his wound, meaning he has fully turned back into a human. The humans and zombies combine forces and kill most of the Boneys while the rest die off, and the zombies slowly assimilate into human society.
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