A Bethany Hamilton Documentary

By: Skyler Brown & Abby Brown

The Attack & The miracle of God

Everyone is amazed by the Soul Surfer's story, Bethany Hamilton. Born in 1990, she began her incredible surfing career in competitive surfing when she was 8 years old. Bethany was attacked on the morning of October 31, 2003. She went surfing with her best friend, Alana Blanchord and Alana's father at Tunnels Beach in Ha'ena. Bethany lovst her arm to a 14 ft. tiger shark when she was only 13. But, after much hard work and determination, she returned surfing 4 weeks later! In her book, Soul Surfer: A true story of Faith, Family, Fighting to get back on the board, on page 69, she says "I didn't even scream. People always ask me "Weren't you terrified?", "How did you not scream?" I guess that would have been everyone else's reaction but it wasn't mine." Bethany knew in those horrifying moments that her fate was in God's hands.

Mission People thought Impossible :)

Bethany Hamilton was attacked and stared death in the face and still returned to surfing circuit inspiring the 2011 movie, "Soul Surfer". Her determination helped to keep her story alive in the new's cycle. Even inspired her 2004 autobiography Soul Surfer: A true story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to get back on the board. In a Candid interview she explains how a strong faith in Christ has helped her get through her toughest times. Speaking to Fox411, Hamilton said that she immediately felt comforted by God in the wake of her tragic brush with a 14 ft. tiger shark. She since has participated in numerous world class surfing competitions and her courage in the face of adversity has inspired millions worldwide! She is now a motivational speaker, and Pro surfer, sharing her faith and meeting with other shark attack survivors. BETHANY NEVER GAVE UP!! Even when everything seemed like it was falling apart, it could have just been falling into place.
Bethany Hamilton: Shark Attack--The Real Story