Pearl S. Buck Elementary

December 11, 2015

Holiday Concert for Orchestra and Chorus

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 7:30pm

2250 Langhorne Yardley Road

Langhorne, PA

Maple Point Middle School Auditorium. The concert is open to the public.

Students are not permitted to wander throughout the school. Parents are asked to discuss expected behaviors with their children and have them remain with you during the concert.

Giving Tree receives some decorations!

Thank you to the Pearl Buck staff and families who have started to decorate our Giving Tree. Throughout December, we will continue to collect new hats, scarves, mittens, warm gloves and warm socks. Please consider helping to decorate our Giving Tree by placing a donated item on the branches. We're off to a good start, and hope to have a fully adorned tree before December 23rd. All items will be donated to local charities.

Coding at Buck - no PEBKAC here!

During library class this week, every student at Pearl Buck got to participate in a worldwide campaign to expose every student in the world to computer science through our "Hour of Code" activities. Students made binary bracelets and did some other activities to show the basics of coding. The photos below show students caught in the act of coding, with the center picture showing students proudly displaying their certificates and binary bracelets.

Holiday Shop

Thanks to our PTO parent volunteers for their assistance with our recent Holiday Shop!

Fourth Grade Social Studies

Students in the fourth grade have been enjoying the new Social Studies program, “Pennsylvania, Our Home”. Ms. Bowman’s class was inspired by timelines of historical figures, Lucretia Mott, Richard Allen, Chief Pontiac, and William Penn and created their own for a class presentation. Students also wrote biographies on their “chosen person in history”, centering on the character traits that made these historical figures so important in our lives.

Robotics at Buck

Under the tutelage of Mad Science staff member "Professor Chaos", eleven Pearl Buck students spent 16 days after school to learn about and build a robot that would respond to clapping. On the last day of class, the group of budding engineers were able to try out other robots provided by Professor Chaos. Interested in participating in the future? Keep an eye out for future Mad Science robotics classes.
Robot video

Dixie comes to Mrs. Junod's Class

Peace, hope, and love come in all forms. This holiday season, the students in Mrs. Junod, Mr. Fleming, and Mr. McGee’s classes were fortunate enough to meet, Dixie , a seeing-eye dog who brings hope and love into the lives of people in our blind community. Thank you to the Frain family for sharing Dixie with us and talking with students about their experiences raising a seeing-eye dog.

Did you know....?

  • You can't block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook?
  • In 2012, a national survey found that 51% of people thought stormy weather affected cloud computing.
  • It would take 76 work days (8 hours a day) for the average person to read the Terms and Conditions they agree to in a year.
  • 20 years ago, there were only 130 websites, Google wasn't around, and you had to pay for an email account through an ISP.

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