Hawthorne Happenings

Week of 4/10-4/13

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Iowa Assessments Make-ups

Thank you to everyone who assisted with proctoring the Iowa Assessments last week. These can be stressful, not only for staff, but for our students. It's difficult to sit and take those types of tests for hours at a time. From what I saw, our students did a great job!! We do have a number of students who missed some of the tests. Those students will be making up those tests this week. We've condensed schedule from last week into Monday and Tuesday. If students needing to do make-ups are absent Monday and Tuesday, they will make-up the tests on Wednesday and Thursday. The schedule goes as follows:

3rd grade (Computer Lab)

Monday, 4/10

  • Vocab - 8:15-8:30
  • Reading Part 1 - 8:40-9:10
  • Reading Part 2 - 8:50-9:20
  • Computation - 9:30-9:50

Tuesday, 4/11

  • Science - 8:15-8:50
  • Mathematics Part 1 - 9:00-9:30
  • Mathematics Part 2 - 9:40-10:10

2nd Grade

Monday, 4/10 (Lisa Weis' room)

  • Reading - 8:15-9:00
  • Mathematics - 9:10-10:00

Tuesday, 4/11 (Lisa Weis' room)

  • Science - 8:15-8:40
  • Computation - 8:50-9:15
  • Vocabulary - 9:25-9:40

National Assistant Principal's week

This week is National Assistant Principal's Week. I can say for a fact, if Rhett did not handle what he handles every day, I would not have the time in the day to do what I do. I sincerely appreciate the work that Rhett puts in. Please help me in thanking Rhett for all that he does at Hawthorne this week!! THANK YOU RHETT!!

Appreciation weeks

This is the time of year where we show our appreciation for each other and the hard work that is put in each and every day. Our work often goes unnoticed, so we will all get time to feel appreciated. For the next few weeks, there will be appreciation weeks for all. The dates are as follows:

  • National Assistant Principal Week - April 10th-13th
  • Administrative Professionals Day - April 25th - I am extending this through the entire week and will include secretaries, student services, instructional coach, nurse, associates, clerks, librarians, and custodians.
  • Principal's Day - May 1st
  • Teacher's Day - May 2nd
  • Teacher Appreciation Week - May 1st-May 5th

PTo meeting - 4/11

If you are able to attend, the monthly PTO meeting is this Tuesday at 6:30. They will most likely be discussing Teacher Appreciation Week. They have asked before what teachers would be interested in. I know they would appreciate your participation and input.

Press training

During Building PLC on Wednesday, Amy Thacher will be here to to introduce PRESS interventions. Some teachers have been piloting and using the PRESS materials already and this is an opportunity for the rest of the staff so start getting accustomed to the new materials. Amy is scheduled to have two more follow-up introductory trainings on May 3rd and May 17th. Please bring your PRESS manuals and your computers so you can follow along.

Long weekend

Reminder: NO SCHOOL on Friday. Enjoy the long weekend!!

Looking Ahead...

  • 4/18 - 3rd Grade (Brooks, Folluo, Wessel) - Shimek Forest
  • 4/19 - 1st Grade (Wrieden, Votroubek) - Wilson Lake
  • 4/21 - Kindergarten (Wilson) - HyVee trip
  • 4/21 - Open Enrollment Table in staff lounge

"It's always a great day to be at Hawthorne!"