AT update

December 15, 2015

3rd Grade Math

We have been working on:

-solving multi-step problems with addition and subtraction.

-solving multi-step problems with multiplication and division.

-solving multi-step problems with all operations.

-recognizing number and shape patterns.

-identifying composite and prime numbers.

-finding factor pairs for a given number.

-listing out multiples for a given number.

Our chapter 4 test will be on Thursday this week. Over the break, students can practice on TenMarks, work on multiplication facts, and enjoy their time off! :)

4th Grade Math

For the last several days, students have been working in groups, with partners, or alone to solve math problems from the Continental Math League. These problems are just for fun for us, but are actually used as a math competition. Students are working to persevere with math, communicate and defend their answers or strategies, and accept other students' strategies in problem solving. It has been a great learning experience and a true test of using our mathematical thinking.

We will resume with Chapter 5 after break! :) Students can work on TenMarks, Symbaloo and coding to keep math skills sharp over break....and have some fun too!

3/4 Reading

For the last 2 weeks, we have been working on our Call it Courage book club. Students have worked collaboratively in third and fourth grade mixed ability groups to discuss and better understand this book. Students have read the story, learned new vocabulary words, answered questions and discussed their ideas with their book club groups. The fourth graders have been great role models to the third grade students to help them deepen their understanding of a book and in showing them how to think as they read.

This first book club is always difficult for students as it requires them to really think as they read. Many students are used to reading a book for pleasure and simply read too fast to get the understandings necessary for book clubs. I am proud of the discussions and perseverance that I've seen from the students during these meetings.

In addition to the discussions, students have created character maps of the main character and have made a journal pretending to be Mufatu. This changed the third person reading to first person writing and forced them to infer many things about the character.

After the winter break, we will go back to using our text as we have previously done. Vocabulary tests and lesson tests will resume as normal.

Long Term Substitute

Mrs. Savage joined us last week for 2 days to get to know the kids and our routines. She fit in perfectly with the class and will do an excellent job while I am away. As of now, I am unsure if I will be back after winter break or not, though I do hope to return for the first week. Of course, if the baby has other plans, I have to do what she says. :)

I have the utmost confidence that the students will continue to learn and grow while I am gone. I have reminded them of their social contract and the expectations that are in place no matter who is teaching the class.