Rebound Addiction Center

By: Keren H., Jacky R.

The main idea

The Rebound Behavioral Health is made for individual that are tying to get back on their feet and right path to go back to work, home and their family also to have a better life

illnesses treated


  • drug abuse
  • Addiction
  • Alcohol abuse

  • anxiety
  • bipolar
  • disorder
  • chronic relapse


recovery they have

  • oriented treatment it means rapidly identify
  • individual treatment goals, they believe everyone can find their path to recovery and we are here to help offer guidance.

Contact information

phone number: (803)-485-1464

location: Rebound addiction canter 134 E. rebound road lancaster south carolina 29720

website: www,Reboundbehavioralhealth,com

5 facts

  • its only for adults
  • they have ponds and fragrant pine trees
  • they will work in teams/ groups
  • they are 1 year of practice
  • they have 5 treatment programs