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Dental CPD Courses in Melbourne Australia

Dr. Martin is a dentist practising in Adelaide since 1995. One of the requirements in the renewal of a practise is that she first obtain CPD in various subjects related to dentistry. Before she enrolled, she researched on the different institutions in Adelaide offering dental CPD and realized that she has many options, ranging from brick and mortar institutions such as universities and colleges to online and distance courses being offered by a number of board-accredited CPD websites.

There are a number of subjects being offered by each institution, and Dr. Martin eventually settled on an online course and chose subjects related to state-of-the-art technology and techniques, paediatrics, and gerontology. During the first year, Dr. Martin rendered 20 hours on the aforementioned subjects and found that the dental CPD courses to be helpful in keeping up with the trends in dentistry as well as enjoyable.

Having accomplished the first 20 hours required of her to renew her practise, she hence set forth on enrolling on other subjects and chose prosthetics, endodontics, and oral health. However, those dental CPD subjects required actual practice, which was provided by the CPD website, and she was able to fulfill the actual practice requirement after her clinic hours, which was very convenient for her. Running on the second year of taking dental CPD courses, she continued to enroll on other subjects and eventually chose communication, practice management, finance, and business. She found these subjects to be very important, if not as important as the subjects that are directly related to dentistry.

Being a dentist, she believes she lacks on the financial and business aspects of her practice and would like to improve on the financial side of it. She also learnt various techniques that helped her in patient communication as well as in running a business. After she finished all 60 hours of dental CPD courses, she was very much enthusiastic to enroll in different subjects because she felt that her whole practice benefitted from the theoretical and scientific education she accomplished. In fact, while all of her colleagues also enrolled in dental CPD courses as a fulfillment for the requirements, Dr. Martin convinced them to continue their dental CPD courses and enroll on other subjects as well. The benefits they experienced in terms of improvement of skills were translated to more patients wanting their care and practice, hence widening their client base.

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