Transform Your Class Word Wall

with Karen Wright-Balbier and Julie Rivas-Lopez (KB&J)

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Word Walls

Finding a space in your classroom to begin collecting words with students that will be easy to reference is very handy for literacy, writing, and learning vocabulary. We'll talk about do's and don'ts, different word walls, how they are used in different grade levels and how to transform them with QR Codes in today's session.
Word Wall Do's and Don'ts

Let's post what we know we should do and should not do with word walls in our classrooms.

Types of Word Walls we Build With our Students

Let's share the different types of word walls we create with our classes, here.

Activities we Use With Our Word Walls

Let's share the word wall activities we use with our word walls to give students more exposure to words, here.


Apps to Transform your Wordwall

Class Word Wall QR Codes

Share the qr codes you created during our session, here.

QR Code Creators and Reader

QR Stuff - QR Code Generator

Wonder QR Code - Visual QR Code Generator

Kaywa Reader - Add free QR Code Reader