GRADES 7 - 9


Plickers - Assessment FOR Learning

Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that allows teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices

Plickers Tutorial:

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13 Ways Education Could Change In The Next 13 Years

“As society evolves at a more rapid pace than ever, literacy is changing, and schools must respond in kind—with literacy not as a goal, but its sole purpose.”

OSSLT Curriculum Connections

The charts in this document clearly link the reading and writing knowledge and skills tested on the OSSLT to some of the overall and specific expectations in the Grades 7, 8 and 9 Ontario Curriculum documents produced between 1999 and 2010. The expectations listed are only a sample of how curriculum expectations relate to the OSSLT.

EDUGAINS - Think Literacy

The THINK LITERACY resources contain subject-specific strategies to support reading and writing. This resource supports literacy 7 - 12.


As students progress through school, they are asked to read increasingly complex informational and graphical texts in their courses. The ability to understand and use the information in these texts is key to a student’s success in learning. Successful students have a repertoire of strategies to draw upon, and know how to use them in different contexts. Struggling students need explicit teaching of these strategies to become better readers.

Digital Tools to Support Literacy


NEWSELA is a website aimed at supporting students as they develop both their close reading and critical thinking skills. Newsela provides nonfiction news articles on a variety of topics at a range of reading levels to support students as their reading skills progress from late elementary to high school. You can search by category (science, art, war and peace,etc.) for articles related to curriculum, then select the Lexile level appropriate for your students. There are multiple versions of each article written at various Lexile levels.

Newsela Tutorial:

Read Write Rock

Read Write Rock is a writing and reading educational game which supports the skills students need to be successful on the OSSLT.

This game was developed by English teachers at Westmount Secondary School in Hamilton as part of the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Learning and Leadership Program. (TLLP)

Holt Graphic Orgnizers

Students click on a graphic organizer to download a PDF of it. Once they have downloaded an organizer, students can type in their comments and print it out. Each graphic organizer includes Teaching Notes with lessons and tips on how to use graphic organizers in the classroom


Quizlet is a free website providing learning tools for students, including flashcards, study and game modes. It was created by high school sophomore Andrew Sutherland in 2005 and now contains over 40 million study sets. All of the material is user-generated.

Quizlet Tutorial:

Transitions Session #2 - January 14, 2016

Accountable Talk: Edugains

  • —Promotes critical thinking
  • —Increases participation
  • —Promotes student centered instruction


Accountable Talk help students to frame and focus their thinking and become more comfortable sharing their ideas. The safer students feel, the more likely they are to take risks.

Edugains: Think Aloud

With the Think Aloud strategy, teachers verbalize aloud while reading a selection orally. Their verbalizations include describing things they're doing as they read to monitor comprehension. The purpose of the Think Aloud strategy is to model for students how skilled readers construct meaning from text.

OSSLT News Report (think aloud)


Mindomo allows you to create the best looking mind maps online. It's an excellent digital tool to enjoy brainstorming and collaborating with others.

How to create a mind map from your learning material
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After Reading: Question-Answer Relationships

"The question–answer relationship (QAR) strategy helps students understand the different types of questions. By learning that the answers to some questions are "Right There" in the text, that some answers require a reader to "Think and Search," and that some answers can only be answered "On My Own," students recognize that they must first consider the question before developing an answer." - Reading Rockets


Kahoot - Assessment FOR Learning

A Kahoot is a collection of questions on specific topics. Created by teachers, students, business-people and social users, they are asked in real-time, to an unlimited number of “players”, creating a social, fun and game-like learning environment.

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Case Study: Implementing Kahoot Pedagogy

Transitions: Session #3 April 18th, 2016

Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

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Gradual Release of Responsibility Model

Scaffolded instruction, or the gradual release model, is broadly recognized as a successful approach for moving classroom instruction from teacher-centered, wholegroup delivery to student-centered collaboration and independent practice.

Gradual Release of Responsibility and Bloom's Taxonomy


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Literacy Strategies - Reading Rockets


Socrative is a smart, student response system that empowers teachers to collect data from their students via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

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