Friday Focus

March 20, 2015

Have a great Friday!

Another week has almost passed us by! I cannot believe that we only have 8 Mondays of school left in this school year!

I was fortunate enough to speak with 35 members of the Norfolk community yesterday at Leadership Norfolk. It was "Education Day" and the group not only heard from me, but also from NECC President Dr. Michael Chipps and Norfolk Junior High principal Mike Hart. Among other things, I spoke to the group about our mission and vision statements. It is a very good idea for all of us to re-read and re-visit these statements that should be posted somewhere in your classroom.

Some questions to consider:

  • Are we really "educating disciples in the heart of Jesus?" Our faith should be evident in all of our classrooms, not just our theology and religion classes!

  • How were you and your students excellent this week? What did you do this week to move us from "pretty good" to "excellent"?

  • Did you partner with someone this week? Did you call a parent to give them some good news about their child? Write a positive note to a friend or colleague? Talk to a student about a personal issue?

  • Were you a disciple this week? How did you demonstrate stewardship or servant leadership?

  • How did you make a difference in someone's life?

Get your cellphone backpack today!

We are selling "Cellphone backpacks" like the one pictured below. They fit any smart phone and are very convenient. Staff members can purchase one at cost ($2). Others may purchase one for $3. See Stephanie Chandler or Leisa Piper to buy yours today!
Big image

Video to share with students in Homeroom

Next Thursday, March 26, I would like all 7-12 students and teachers to watch the "40 Acts" video and engage in a short discussion during Homeroom. Elementary teachers: you will want to watch the video as well and then decide when/how to use it with your students.

I have included the entire video below and here is the link:

I would suggest that you watch the 3-minute video over the weekend and download this video using the free YouTube Downloader that Renee Gilsdorf taught us previously.

If you don't have a projector in your room, you'll want to make arrangements to combine with another Homeroom that does have a projector.

Possible discussion questions you could use:

  • What is generosity?
  • How have I been generous in my life?
  • What about during this Lenten season?
  • How could our school be different if we all did one more small generous thing?
  • How can we get more people to be generous?

I'd like to do a short project like this each Thursday that we have Homeroom for the rest of the year. I will include the information/video/discussion questions in the previous week's Friday Focus to give you time to prepare so the activity is a success with our students.

40acts 2015 : do Lent generously

Special Events

Springtime at any school is a busy time. In addition with all of our "regular" activities, we will be doing a few more things that would really benefit from some help from our staff. I'm sure I'll be reaching out to you to help with at least a few of these events:

  • March 24: Blood Drive
  • March 24: Business/Job Fair (please keep reminding your students to attend)
  • March 29: Parish Clean up Day
  • April 6: Men's Stag
  • April 15: NC hosts Norfolk's Business After Hours
  • April 22: All-School/Parish Meeting at St. Mary's Church
  • April 24: Shadow Day--students from the public school will be invited into our building, hear a little from me, and "shadow" our students for the morning. Later in the afternoon, we will participate in a Community Service Day and complete projects both on and off of our campus.
  • April 25: Hall of Fame Induction

Video of the Week

The video below is of our High School band closing their March 17 concert with a medley from Journey. See if you can name all four songs without cheating!

You can find other recordings from the concert on our Youtube Channel--NorfolkCatholic1.

Norfolk Catholic HS Band Journey Medley March 17, 2015