The Power of 2!

Stella & Dot / Team Villarreal / March 2014

The Power of 2!

This is a concept you want to apply into your business. It is just as simple as it is revolutionary, it will fill up your calendar, give you many sponsoring leads and create momentum to keep you going from one season to another!

Before we get into it, check out the video below to get in a fun, positive mood!

Classic Sesame Street animation - Super 2!

Key Takeaways!

- Carve out 30 minutes a night Monday through Friday

- Warm up 2 people, follow up with 2 more..

- This works because:

It creates more time in your schedule

It is on your calendar

It is only 30 minutes

You are not worried about movement or cancellations because your funnel is full

- Don't think about it, just call. Eliminate the choice.

- It is a benefit, you provide great customer service

- This business is duplicatable, you can do it, they can do it!

- You will get to a place of too many bookings following this system

- You create great momentum!

Customer Care Calls

- Pick your favorite trunk show and call the guests of that show. Call 2 of them a day.

- Say something like:

"It was so much fun meeting you in the fall! I know how much you are loving your Pegasus!

but I was calling you to let you know that we have a new Spring collection and Summer is practically here. I think you probably know, but (hostess) got $250 in free jewelry when we got together for a little holiday girl time.

I want to bring it to you and do the same for you, I have a couple of dates left; would weeknight or weekend be better?


Great! I can do (Date 1) or (Date 2)...which one works better for you?

It's that simple!