Welcome to China!

Mason Liles

Why come to China?

You've never seen true beauty until you've been to China. Our gorgeous cities and art offer you with more than enough entertainment to last a lifetime. Do enjoy architecture? Our original style of architecture will be sure to entertain you. Enjoy learning? We have more than enough schools to get you the education you deserve.
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Our economy could not be stronger. We treat our citizens, as well as visitors, with respect and dignity. We have a well organized system that we're sure you will approve of. You are free to do as you please within the rules of the law. Any leisure activity you wish to do will not be restricted. You are free to enjoy China to as much of an extent as you wish.

Our leaders are highly respected among the people. We have a very strong government. Though we might not have a large presence as a central government, every territory is ruled by excellent leaders who are connected very well.


Do you enjoy art? We have more than enough art for all your creative endeavors. Do you enjoy sculptures? Paintings? We have them all. Our original style differs from other places around the world making it so much more excitable.
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We accept your religion with open arms. We enjoy learning about new religions. We even have adopted beliefs of travelers that have come from all over.

Intellectual advancements:

Do you enjoy learning new things? Maybe you enjoy creating or improving inventions. China is the right place for you. Our advancements in irrigation and water management are second to none. You will find that we live a very comfortable and healthy lifestyle.