By Rachel Rugger (not done yet)!!!

Basic Information About Tajikistan

  • Population-8,191,958
  • Capital-Dushanbe
  • Leader-President, Emomali Rahmon
  • Government- Republic
  • Language-Tajik

Sports and Entertainment

Tajikistan used to have many different sports for many events, such as wrestling and horse races for births, weddings, and festivals.

Tajikistan's traditional sports are played at a festival called Norwuz. One of Tajikistan's biggest sports is Buzkashi. Buzkashi is played like polo, but its played with a headless goat. Men with lots of strength and horse skills play this game, which is very dangerous. In Tajikistan, there are partridge, a type of bird, fights in bazaars (markets.) Another very popular sport in this country is soccer.


Tajikistan is a landlocked country in central Asia. It's smaller than Greece, but about the same size as Wisconsin. Tajikistan is mostly jagged mountains, and many people live in valley. Fertile valleys are used for farming.

Tajikistan's highest point is Ismoil Somoni Peak, at 24,590 feet. Tajikistan's entire country is 55,251 square miles. Lizards, central Asian cobras, porcupines, and hamsters are very common in lowland plains. Deer, wolves, brown bears, and snow leopards are more common in mountain forests. Marco Sheep and Golden Eagles are on higher altitudes.

Tajikistan's climate changes depending on altitude, but valleys are hot and dry during the summer, and cold in the winter. The temperature in the south however is warm, and in central Tajikistan, theirs a lot of rain. A lot of the time, mountain roads are closed for several months due to severe snowstorms.