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It’s sad that people are dying due to lung cancer and heart attacks and after reading the survey and researches conducted by high authorities I found that one of the main reasons for these deaths is cigarettes. Healthy body and mind is vital for human existence and so, I would prefer not being ignorant when it comes to my health, and nobody should. Knowing that one in five US citizens die from cancer, I just wish to stick to a better option. People may have doubts about e cigarette but I’d still pick e cigarette which for me any day would be lesser of the two evils.

I know that tobacco is the leading killer in United States and all over the world. I saw many people even some teenagers as well, who are facing severe health issues like heart diseases at such tender age. Not just that they are indulged even in drugs. In this situation, e cigarette work as the alternative to smoking addiction. Many controversies are also there regarding the effects of e cigarettes but I think if this device is used in a proper manner, it would be one of the effective tobacco alternative.

Many best electronic cigarette brands available in the market that are gaining popularity among the people who are in the favor of e cigarettes. All the brands have their own features and quality and people can use it according to their demand. I am using V2 cigs from past few months and now I can’t live a single day without it. I believe that electronic cigarettes are simple and good alternative if used wisely and sparingly.