Tuesday's Tidbits

IES Library Newsletter March 24, 2015

Children's Literature Spotlight

Read Aloud to your Students!

This week we are having our spring School Wide Read. I thought this would be a wonderful time to take a minute and reflect on why you read aloud to your students.

Famous author, Kate DiCamillo, beautifully sums up reading aloud in this short video.

Whose life will you impact this week by reading aloud?

Kate DiCamillo's PSA: On the Importance of Reading Aloud to Children

Books About Pets

Need some other books about pets to accompany the School Wide Read? Check one of these out!

Who Swallowed Harold? : And Other Poems about Pets by Susan Pearson

From puppies to iguanas and goldfish to guinea pigs, here are eighteen poems, some funny, some touching, about the pets we love. With expertly crafted poems and hilarious illustrations, this book has something to offer every pet owner—and even those wistful readers who are only dreaming of having a pet.

Tara and Tiree, Fearless Friends: A True Story by Andrew Clements

Jim loves to go for long walks with his dogs, Tara and Tiree. One cold winter day, Jim falls through the ice on the frozen lake. Tiree tries to save him and falls through the ice too. What will happen if Tara tries to help them both?

The Perfect Pet by Margie Palatini

Elizabeth really, really, wants a pet. But her parents do not. Instead they give her a cactus. Even though Elizabeth's new plant proves to be a good listener, Elizabeth still really wants a pet. When Elizabeth campaigns to find the right pet, her family imagines some hair-raising possibilities, until Doug comes along—who is, without a doubt, the most unusual, perfect pet of all.

Max Talks to Me by Claire Buchwald

Alex and his dog Max are true friends—the kind that share each other’s excitement, comfort each other when they are sad, wait together when parents are away, and have fun wherever they are. Alex is learning that every good relationship is a two-way street. By observing and listening to his dog, by sharing good times and bad, he and Max are earning each other’s love and devotion.

Before You Were Mine by Maribeth Boelts

A little boy imagines what life was like for his new dog before he adopted him from a shelter. Maybe he had a boy who loved him, but the family had to move and couldn't keep him. Maybe he belonged to someone who didn't appreciate how mischievous puppies can be. Maybe he was treated badly, and now he can be shown all the love he's been missing. This boy wonders about all of these things, but maybe they don't matter. Because now, his dog is home.

Don't Take Your Snake for a Stroll by Karin Ireland

Mayhem ensues when a little boy takes unusual pets like a rhinoceros and a kangaroo to places usually reserved for people.