E-Portfolio (Investigate)

My technology design cycle report

Problem defined

  • Student can't access there work
  • demonstrating the progress
  • can't access from anywhere
  • can't access evidence from the work.

design brief

My task is to investigate the portfolio and E-portfolio and design the plan and create my own E-portfolio to showcase my work , my academic work , my school work and demonstrate my progress over the year and evaluate the effectiveness of all my product.

portfolio who uses it and why?

An e-Portfolio is used by a number of all different medical as part of training program and as part of professional to development. These different types of an e-Portfolio , to support and expanding number of health to professionals’ achievement and learning.

style or example of e-portfolio in different types

Developmental Portfolios: demonstrate and development of student a lot skills over a period of time. Developmental portfolios are considered to works-in-progress and include all both self-assessment and reflection elements. The purpose is to provide communication between students and also faculty.

Assessment Portfolios: demonstrate student to competence and skill for good defined areas. These may be the end of course or program assessments for evaluating the student performance. The primary purpose is to evaluate the student to competency as defined by the program standards and also outcomes too.

Showcase Portfolios: demonstrate work and skills for the student. This type of portfolio was created to the end of a program and highlight of all the quality work of all student. Students usually can show this work of portfolio to potential employers to get more employment to the end of a degree of the program.

Hybrids: this is the most important portfolio. The hybrids of the three types of portfolios listed above. Rarely will figure it out of the portfolio that is strictly used for the assessment and development or showcase the purposes. Occasionally, may come across showcase portfolios that do not show the evidence of self-reflection, rubrics for assessment or the feedback, however, an expert in the field of e-portfolios, would say "a portfolio without standards, goals and reflection is just a fancy resume, not an electronic portfolio."

What an E-portfolio ?

An e-portfolio is a collection of work for developed to across varied contexts over the time. The e-portfolio can advance to learning by providing students and faculty to organize, archive or display pieces of the work.

design specification

The product that create must :

  • Be free.
  • Accessible in variety computer.
  • Be able to store work produced in all class ( texts , images and sounds )
  • Contain sections/pages for all MYP subjects , MIA and CNS and sections.
  • have a homepage that explained
  • Good name
  • photo of you
  • link to the pages
  • tell something about you
  • be professional and academic... not cute, funny, silly, etc.

testing method

I will test my methods on the 18th September, the test group will consist people will be Joyes , Chaewon , Avril , Haroon.

5 to 10 classmates will evaluate my product.

My classmates will test my product in 16/11/13 to 18/11/13

My classmates will evaluate my product using the criterion below.

  • the portfolio accessible viewed and read through computer.

student e-portfolio

example for student portfolio: Navapol http://navapolmontong.wix.com/portfolio

The Definition E-Portfolio

  • what is produced when persons have collect , select or reflectively interpret with present their own evidence then support those assertions about what they have learn or know about it.
  • selection of “products” for learn, reflections or interpretations on all products, representations between among the products with interpretations.
  • for the purposes is to set of the products, interpretations and presented to a particular audience.

Institutional Electronic Portfolios

e-portfolios also allow to colleges with universities to tell all information about their missions, goals, accomplishments or the challenges. An e-portfolios typically consist of re-accreditation study by their self and other information that supports to institution's accomplishments. This report provides overview of e-portfolios, highlighting three specific projects and It also explores is to use of an e-portfolios by regional accrediting agencies. In fact , the report examines to the challenges in developing an e-portfolios.

An Overview of E-Portfolios

E-portfolios all are a valuable learning or assessment tool. An e-portfolio is to collection of all artifacts and including demonstrations , the accomplishments that represent an individual or institution. An e-portfolio is more than simple collection and it also can be serve as an administrative tool to manage and organize to the work created with a lot of different of applications and control who can see the work. An E-portfolios encourage personal reflection.