By: Reyna Cortez

India's caiapital city is New Delhi

Population is 1,200,800,359 people as of 2014

Ganges River Thar Desert, Rain forests, and, Ganges Plains


-Indus Valley people loved mud-brick homes in planned cities

-Indus valley civilization began to decline around 1700 BC

-India had a large influence on Indians history when they wrote the Vedas Hindu scripture

-The texts are written in the Aron language os sanskirt

People and places of India

-People India love to play soccer or field hokey.

-People in India love bon fires an like to tell stories.

-India is the birth place of four religions Buddhism,Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism.

-Close to 13 percent of Indians are Muslims .

Life styles

-Families are usually large extended families

Indian kids always ware uniforms to school

-Many girls can't attend schools because they are expected to help at home or get a job to earn money for there families

-India has thousands of festivals


-India's the largest democracy government in the world

-India celebrated it's 50th birthday in 1997

-India has 28 states and 7 union territories

-India is mainly an

India's facts

  1. Most Indians are Hindu and worship the same way
  2. Hindus believe that after they die people are reborn
  3. In Mumbai trains carry around seven million people a day