The O'Neal Observer

The Goings-On of Spearman Room 504

What's Going On?

We are working away down here in Room 504! Here's a run-down of all the topics we are covering this week:

Math-We will be finishing up Chapter 3 on Division. We will be taking the chapter test on Friday. Study guides will be sent home early in the week.

Reading-We will be reading a nonfiction passage titled "Interrupted Journey." We will focus on sequencing this week and placing events in chronological order.

Writing-We will begin a new piece of writing this week. We will connect our reading with our writing by introducing transition words. Our vocabulary for the week will be "con" (with) and "de" (down/ remove) words.

Social Studies-We will finish up our Westward Expansion unit this week. A study guide will be sent home early in the week. Be on the look-out for this. Test is planned for Thursday.

Science-We will be studying the ocean land forms this week.


Don't forget to sell, sell, sell! We want to see that new rock wall in the gym, so get out there and DO YOUR PART! Don't forget, you can also encourage out of town family and friends to shop at

All fundraiser orders must be turned in by October 19. Orders will be returned November 10 (in plenty of time for the holidays!)

Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is coming up soon! This is going to be a great event you don't want to miss!! If you haven't already marked your calendar, it's Friday, February 23 from 4-8pm. signed up to volunteer, please do so by visiting

Lots of IMPORTANT papers coming home in the Friday Folders this week!!

Be on the look out for lots of important papers and graded work coming home in tomorrow's Friday folders. Please be sure to sign and return the Behavior Sheet on Monday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at 864-947-9787 or

This week in Social Studies, we learned how miners helped develop the West by mining for gold (aka chocolate chips) in the earth (cookie).

The best part was eating it afterward!!!