Youth frontiers

Stop bullying 2014

What is Youth frontiers

Youth Frontiers creates a positive community by partnering with schools to resolve conflict and better students interactions socially and physically. Their main expenses are spent on fundraisers, retreats, and programs. Charity navigator rates this NfP 86.23% According to Joe Cavanaugh, the founder of this program "92% of educators and administrators have rated our program excellent after workin with over 1.3 million students."

Serious concern

Serious concern

Bullying is a serious concern. According to a clinical study. Bullying in students affects education, by causing students to avoid school, grade decline, and concentration deficits. Health, by causing headaches, anxiety, depression, and PTS. Safety, by causing students to isolate themselves, agression, suicidal thoughts, and fear. Students even tend to avoid school because of bullying, a reported 160,000 averaged every day.


Our first story starts at East Valley Elementary School. 114 fourth graders were riled up in a fun, educational, and exciting presentation. Post this assembly, Haley Clausen, 10, states: "From this i learned to be kind. Do not bully, Don't cuss at people." This went to the extent where students listed dozens of "actions to ban" at the school, including rumors, bystanders, bullying people, fights, and excluding people. These assemblies and many more show how our organization helps developing kids succeed in more ways than they could possibly imagine.