The Diary of Anne Frank & Night

Act 1 & Chapters 1-3

Comparison #1: Inciting Incidents

At the beginning of Act 1, Scene 2, we see the Franks and the Van Daans arriving in the annex of Mr. Frank's former office building (The Frank family arrives in the annex, lines 150-170). This is the beginning of their new life, much as what it is like when the Wiesels arrive at Birkenau with other families ("It must have been about midnight. We had arrived- at Birkenau, reception center for Auschwitz.", page 37). Both of these events bring some sense of danger, but in the annex, they know that they will be safe as long as the follow "the rules". When Elie and his family get to Birkenau, they don't know if they will even live to see the next day.

Comparison #2: Dussel and Moché the Beadle

In The Diary of Anne Frank, Mr. Dussel comes to live with the Franks and Van Daans in the annex, bringing bleak information when they thought everything was going well based on their information from Mr. Kraler and Miep (lines 1260-1290). When Moché the Beadle returns from being deported, he brings terrible news from what the Nazis have done to the Jews (pages 16-17). The difference is that in Night, none of the Jews believe Moché when he tries to warn them, but the Franks and Van Daans see Dussel as a reliable source and thus believe him.