Paly Guidance Update

Friday, October 23, 2020

Viking Families!

With the long month of October coming close to an end, we hope you and your students are finding ways to enjoy the beautiful weather (smoke free!) before our colder winter days come. A reminder that our entire Guidance team is here to support your student: TA, Counselor, CCC, Wellness Team and Psychs. Please encourage your student to reach out with any questions they might have.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Paly Guidance


Since we sent the last missive, the 10-12th Grade TAs spent time with the Sophomores and Seniors.

  • 12th Grade: In our continuing effort to offer Advisory lessons that are timely, TAs met with their Seniors this week. Making sure your students know about the many post-Paly options available, the lesson covered some great information about the different types of Gap Year programs available as well as the benefits of starting their college careers at one of 116 excellent Community Colleges in California. Not only do they offer the Transfer Agreement Guarantee (TAG), the state also offers at least 1 year of FREE tuition! Want to know more? Check the presentation out here.

  • 10th Grade: The TAs were excited to have time getting to know the Sophomores last week. Students started by filling out an Academic Progress Reflection. The TAs were able to access this information as they spoke with each student. Holding individual meetings can be challenging remotely, but TAs have found using break-out rooms is a great way to let students connect with each other while waiting for time with their TA. It is the goal of the Advisory program to provide more Advisory time like this throughout the year. This time offers opportunity for the TAs and students to get to know each other and makes it easier for TAs to spot and support students who might be struggling.

  • 9th Grade: Last week the Freshman were introduced to their 4-Year Academic Plan. This lesson hits home on many levels - it prods students into thinking about why they are attending school and for what goal. Is graduating enough to be eligible for college? And what exactly do they need to graduate? Exploring graduation vs. college eligibility requirements was a start - filling out their personal plans came next. These plans will be looked at again 2nd semester right before course selection for ‘21-’22 begins. If you’d like to brush up on your knowledge about these requirements, check the presentation out here. This week more Individual Meeting time is scheduled for both Wednesday and Friday. With quarter grade reports just out, it’s a good time for students and TAs to connect.

College and Career Center

Upcoming College Application Virtual Events for Seniors

  • College Application Help workshop - Tues., Oct. 27 at 3:10 pm

  • College Interview Presentation - Wed., Oct. 28 at 3:10 pm (Note: this event lasts 45 min.)

  • Cover Sheet workshop - Thurs., Nov. 5 at 3:10 pm

Please find the Zoom meeting ID in the event on the C&CC Class of 2021 Schoology course calendar. These events are for students, only.

College Essays

College Advisors are available to review essays and provide feedback. Interested students should email the essay with the writing prompts to his/her College Advisor and allow at least two days for review before meeting with the advisor to discuss strategies for revision.

Financial Aid Reminders

Following up on the previous announcement about financial aid webinars, Ms. Cernobori emailed senior families this week with an overview of financial aid information, requirements, and timelines.

School Psych Corner

October marks a month of seasonal change, and also brings recognition and awareness to various causes like mental health (World Mental Health Day was October 10th) and learning. Pertinent to the work we do as school psychologists and educators, October is a month to recognize and bring awareness to Learning Disabilities.

1 in 5 students across the country have learning and attention issues. 2.5 million have specific learning disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia. This also includes the 6 million who have been diagnosed with ADHD.

It’s likely that you know someone with a learning difference, and/or experience one yourself. Students who learn differently can face both academic and social challenges. They are also successful in life and school. As a community of parents, friends, educators, teachers, and school staff we can help them reach their goals by acknowledging their strengths and assisting to implement the right strategies and supports.

We hope to raise awareness in our schools to promote acceptance and inclusion - for others to learn, embrace and help us in encouraging success across all abilities. Neurodiversity deserves attention. The awareness among educators, parents, and the general public can help us create a world where children with learning disabilities and mental health concerns are accepted and are able to thrive.

Last Day to Drop a Class

Friday, November 6th is the last day to drop a course without it showing up on the transcript. Please have students reach out to their TA to discuss any drops they are considering.