Long Way Gone

By: Jack Brown

Historical Connection

This book can be connected to the current issuse of ISIS. Ishmael can relate to what ISIS is doing today because ISIS today is take over villages in the Middle East and are going around and killing people, just like what is happening to Ishmeal because he has lost his family and most of his freinds to this war.
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Internal Characterization

The internal characterization that ishmael battles with is hunger, 1 example is when he has to steal food from a 5 year old kid because he was so hunger. He would not have done this if he was not that hungry. Also at the begging of chapter 5 Ishmael says that it hurts to drink water because the cramps are so bad in their stomach.

Vocab Words

Two vocab words that are important to these chapters are RUF, RUF is important becasue that is what the rebels are painting on all of the village houses so it is important. RUF stands for Revolutionary United Front. Another important vocab word is crapes, crapes are important becasue they are what he has to where on his feet. Crapes are a type of shoe that Ishmeal has to wear.


One of the conflicts that Ishmeal battles with is man vs. nature becasue he is struggling to get food and at some points in these chapters he can not find water. Also the wild pigs are trying to kill him which are a part of nature. Another conflict that ishmael is batteling with is man vs. man, because Ishmeal is running for his life from the rebels because on multiple accounts he was almost killed by the rebel army.
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