Definitions of Evil

By Sean McCormick & Emilio Camacho

Evil has more of a definition than a supervillain

Our definition of evil is someone who has the intention of hurting many people and feeling no remorse from it afterwards
Our definition doesn't really relate to any of these stories at all. "What a Thought" describes someone who could possibly be mentally ill, and there is nothing evil about that. "The Lottery" isnt evil because they grew up doing this and they dont know the difference when it comes to this between right and wrong. "The Possibility of Evil ' doesnt describe an evil girl, it describes a mean and horrible lady.
These stories show that Jackson's style is showing that not everything is a story tale and a happy ending. It also shows how friendly and normal people can have dark sides also. Which is fairly common in society today.


2 teens stopped at a gas station to fill up their car and they witnessed a car-jacking. The mother pleaded for help because her children where in the car. The 2 teens ran after the car. They got the car with some help from the police. The carjacker was charged a 6 1/2-year sentence for kidnapping and auto theft.