Back To School Mini's

Location set up for "Back To School" photo shoots

August 15th through August 25th

On Location Set Up @SJ... Limited spots 10 days only! Time slots available from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm, call and book yours now! Outdoor Vintage Classroom… Cute Cute Cute! Lockers, School Desks, Chalk Board, Books, Globes, Sports, Apples, and a Vintage Playground! These are 30 minute sessions at a back to school discount of $30 per session. Call us or call your photographer to book these spots. (This is for the location and setup only, we do not do the photography) These will have to be pre-paid to hold the spot since it is a special setup and there is limited availability. Please share and help spread the word! Thank you! :)

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