NFL Redzone with Dan

What I do every Sunday with my neighbor

Watching the games

In professional football season every sunday, I go my neighbor’s house, Dan, to watch NFL Redzone. On Redzone, we watch all the football games that are on at the time. The noon games are always the best because that is when most of the games are played. The octobox on Redzone is awesome because it shows eight football games live at the same time. Also, the octobox is very exciting because a bunch of touchdowns can happen at the same time when it is on the octobox.

We also cheer for our favorite teams when watching Redzone. I cheer for the Green Bay Packers all the time but I also really like the Oakland Raiders. Dan is a big San Diego Chargers fan so I make fun of him for that. Occasionally we eat pizza when we watch Redzone. Pizza is Dan’s favorite thing to eat. The reason why we love watching Redzone is because of all the amazing touchdowns that they show.

Fantasy Football

Another thing we love to do on Sundays when we watch Redzone is fantasy football. Fantasy football is one of the most popular things to do when watching football. Before the football games start, Dan and I check over our lineups one last time before the lineups lock up. When the games start, Dan and I are always checking how our players are doing and it gets really exciting. We also make a lot of trades with each other and make fun of each others’ team. But fantasy football can also be very frustrating and sad at times when your team does bad. Fantasy football connects to Redzone because that is why Redzone was created, for people to keep track of their teams.

Halftime Traditions

Something that Dan and I always do at halftime of the noon games is go outside and play football. We play this game where you have to make 20 catches in a row and if you drop it, you start over. You also don’t get to go back inside until you have completed it. The game can be very easy at times and very exhausting at times. But, it is still really fun.

We also play video games at halftime. Dan has a lot of games but we usually just play FIFA 16 or NBA 2k16. We love to play the games and we are both good at them, but Dan is the best. Occasionally we keep track of our wins and losses on a whiteboard on the wall. Halftime traditions connect to Redzone because this is what we do when Redzone is at a break.