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Class Visits

Want me to come in and teach a mini-lesson with your class integrating technology or Canvas? Click the button below and sign up for a date and time. I'll connect with you on what you are thinking about and we'll get started!

Turn it In Coming to Canvas!

Will be available this week..now you can scan for a plagiarism check along with Speedgrader! If you want to know more...sign up for a time to have me come visit! (Or shoot me a quick e-mail, whatever works for you)

We Learn 2015-2016 1:1 Training Course Offerings Below

In house PD..STAY-TUNED! A team of us (Jeffers, Lori and I) will also be brainstorming on an ARTS-integration Ed Tech Class.

Assessment and Technology-Informing your Instruction- See APPS below!

I am doing an assessment focus for the next few weeks. If you are able to let me "borrow" your class and integrate how you can use the iPad to help inform instruction..let me know!


Gail Moore

Instructional Technology Facilitator- VSAA