The Very Rare Tiger Retriever

An Incredible Cross Between Wild and Man's Best Friend

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The Beginning of the Tiger Retriever

The mysterious tiger retriever was an accidental happening of an experiment that occurred in Beijing, China. A dog and a tamed tiger from a nearby zoo were put into a secluded, guarded habitat in the woods for one month. This experiment was to test how long the two could stay away from each other, even though they were the only two organisms in their area. The scientists conducting the experiment hypothesized that the two species would stay on two corners of the habitat...they were proven wrong when the two were taken back out and the female dog was pregnant. Though this was thought to be naturally impossible, nature proved them wrong.

The baby tiger retrievers were born in the next sixty-two days.

The Wide Spread Reaction

Scientists were stunned. One scientist, though we still don't know exactly who, snapped the picture of Lola and her litter and released it via Facebook. The picture was on everyone's mind within the day.

William Chang, the head of the experiment, was interviewed soon after the story went viral.

"You can't keep something like this under wraps for long. We knew that," Dr. Chang explained, "Kida was a superstar since the moment she was conceived."

Tiger specialist Jason Wade visited her habitat recently.

"She is a beautiful creature," Wade commented with a smile, "She is truly a perfect, even if accidental, work of art."

Kida, who is now a year old, only shares one thing in common with her tiger relatives; her stripes. Other than that, she is just like any other golden retriever. She's a little larger than regular retrievers, but she's just as friendly. You can find Kida in the petting zoo section at the Red Mountain zoo just outside of Beijing.