Pros of Technology

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Technology is all around us from our work to our homes. Effective teaching of technology must be so integrated that it actually enhances the learning process. The best integration of technology in the classroom happens when the use of technology is routine, transparent, and when it supports the curriculum goals.

Increase Student Involvement and motivation

  • Teacher and student roles change when they are using technology. Technology allows students to be more active thinkers when they are actively making choices about how to generate, obtain, manipulate, or display information.
  • Certain genres of technology deserve a second look when considering them as a waste of time. These genres are: Social Networking, DIgital Gaming, and Simulations. They deserve a second look because students who have been fully immersed in technology, are "using technologies to create new things in new ways, learn new things in new ways, can communicate in new ways with new people."
  • Games and simulations have been strategically used by doctors, the military, and big businesses for learning opportunities and different advantages. There are important reasons for educators to participate in digital games. Research has shown That people who often play games have well-developed skills including: enhanced visual perception, quickly process information, determine relevance, as well as other skills. Use the back arrow to come back to this page.
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Information easily accessible

  • Research is the number one reason to integrate technology into the classrooms according to By using the internet, students have an array of information at their fingertips, much more than could be provided in a library.
  • Teachers can publish information the students have researched or personally created on a class website. Use the back arrow to come back to this page.(
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