ECLC Class News

Week of 2/1-2/5

What we did this week ...

Our centers and books were about Groundhog Day, and other animals that hibernate. I read the stories, The Grumpy Groundhog and Did you See Your Shadow This Year? I also read a big book story, called Ten on the Sled. The students used a pointer to find sight words in the story.

For our centers the students sorted words by counting syllables and spelled out sight words using magnets. They used ten frames to count numbers from two to twenty, and sorted coins.

From time to time, I send home uncompleted worksheets. The students are often pulled for therapies and don't have time to complete them. I send them home in case they would like to finish it at home.

Other things we did this week ....

In math, the students worked on graphing, counting, and identifying and counting pennies and nickels.

In phonics, the students continued to tap out sounds to make words. The practiced writing the letters B, C, and D in their handwriting books.

The students learned the sight word, we, this week.

If any parent is interested in coming in to be a guest reader, please let me know.

Our class was invited to shop at the Scholastic Book Fair. Our day and time is:

Day 4 - Tuesday, February 9th

9:25 - 9:55 Ms. Underwood – ECLC

If you would like your child to participate, please put money in a envelope that is marked. I will make sure to send home the ECLC folder Monday night. I realize that the other schools have book fairs too.

Have a great weekend!

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