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Land and Economy

Do you want a change? Thinking about a move? You should go to Indiana! The beautiful waterfalls will take your breath away.The thick forests, calm lakes and sandy beaches will help you relax. The caves will make you feel like you are in a mystery movie! The cave that you will fall in love with is the Wyotte cave. The lakes of Indiana are Lake Wawasee, Monroe Lake, Lake Mazinkuckee, Bass Lake, Salamonie Lake, Mississinewa Lake and Lake Manitou. There are rivers to, like St. Joseph River, St. Mary’s River, Kankakee River, Whitewater River, Wabash River, Salamonie River, Maumee river, Tippecanoe River, Mississinewa River, W.F.K.White River, E.F.K. White River, blue River and Ohio River. Along the Ohio River, there are great views of over 1,000 natural lakes. Indiana’s cities include Gary, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Lafayette, Kokomo, Muncie, Terre Haute, Bloomington, Columbus and Evasville. In Indiana, there are a lot of farm areas. Indiana is also very hilly. And there are also many trees like the Dog wood tree, Sycamore, Oak, Pine and Maples. You can feel like a kid again as you can roll down the hills and climb different trees.Two thirds of the land in Indiana is used for farming. Soybeans, corn, wheat and oats are the most important crops in the state. Indiana’s the second largest producer of corn in the country also farmers raise cattle and hogs there are more than three million hogs in Indiana. Indiana has more than 11,000 factories that make clothes, meat, pork and tools.

Culture and Fun Facts

If you like sports, come to Indiana! We love it so much it is a huge part of our culture. The sports basketball, Football and car racing. Vincenne is in the southwestern area of the state, it is “The George Roger’s Clark National Memorial”, honors his work in the revolution. Evansville is home to many historic places and monuments. The four freedom monuments stand in Evansville. Indiana is created by Congress in 1800. Indiana is the smallest of the Midwest states. If you like to sing, you can sing this all day because we have a state song called “Oh the banks of the washbash, far away” In Indiana, earthquakes are rare. Pork sandwiches are very popular because there are a lot of pigs. Are you ready to move to the Hoosier state?

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