Marilyn's Fabulous Life

Family, Personal & Me

Things I like & Dislike about school

I like after school workouts

I love volley ball

I dislike rude and disrespectful teachers

I dislike bad grades

This is Marilyn

My Birthday is on July 8th

I am Cuban, Peruvian, Black, White & Brazilian

Ive only been in Texas for one year.

Born in Miami, FL lived in Florida most of my life.

My Role Models

Personal Life Things

Favorites, Hobbies & Personality

I'm a very social, athletic, sweet, caring, honest, spontaneous, outgoing person.

My hobbies are Gymnastics, Volley ball, Cooking, Singing & dancing

My favorite songs are Say it - tory lanez, Dont - bryson tyler, The Zone -the weeknd

My favorite movies are Constantine, Titanic, Sleepy Hollow, Mr&Mrs smith, But favorite show is American Horror Story.

My favorite colors are Black, White, Gold, Red & Grey

Things I like & Places i've been

My favorite place ever is Miami Beach No where else can top that for me .