Morning Notes

Monday 12 October, 2015

Please could Manuel G7X, Maddie G7X, Darrient G7X and Mary Iris G7Y pop in to see Ms Dance in Art room first thing this morning or at break time today.

Off Campus

Grades 8 and 11.

Lunch Clubs

MUN: T01

Drama: T02

Language Club: F01

Learning Space: B01

Mother Tongue

None today.

After School Clubs

Table Tennis Academy: Stern Hall

String Ensemble

For students taking PSAT this week on Wednesday

The test will BEGIN at 0830 and end at 1215 in the Stern Hall on Wednesday 14 October.

Students must be at school BEFORE 0830. Late entries cannot be permitted.

Please bring a calculator if you have one. Digital calculators are not permitted. Pencils will be provided. Water bottles are also not permitted.

All phones and watches will be collected and turned off. Please see Ms Kyle if you have any questions.

Think about it today

Classrooms around the world: similar or different?

Today's Lunch Menu

Main Dish Option One

Vegetable risotto GF

Main Dish Option Two

Vegetarian cheese burger with oven chips


Egg mayonnaise roll

Salad Bar

Mixed Salad

Greek chickpea salad

Rainbow fruit salad

Summer potato salad


Chocolate cake with seasonal fruit

Catering Feedback

Please let us know your feedback here.